All our puppies have found wonderful forever homes! We are looking and planning for our next litters later this year. It will be based on interest and completed applications.
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Welcome to

Pawsome Labradoodles.

We breed authentic Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles.

Welcome to Pawsome Labradoodles

We are an accredited home breeder of Australian Labradoodles located in the Eastern suburbs of Phoenix, AZ. Our Mission is to bring healthy and happy Australian Labradoodles to those that love dogs as much as we do.


The debate on Dog Food!

There is a big concern these days with grain-free dogfood in relation to DCM. Many of the top lines of dog food manufacturers have been listed as contributors and yet they were not specific to the particular flavor and ingredients. I have seen many of my dogs suffer from allergies with grain and yet, these prime dog foods may prevent the absorption of an essential amino acid called taurine. After a thorough investigation, the FDA(who does not regulate dogfood) said the first report was not conclusive. I am continuing to feed my dogs a grain free and then integrate in a portion of grain. Do your own research and make educated choices. There are so many choices and prices that it’s difficult to know which dog food to use. I still refer to a 3rd party for an unbiased input of dog food quality.


Lifetime of Support

We are selective when homing our precious puppies to those that will welcome them into their loving family. When you own a Pawsome Puppy, you are now an extension of our family and we will provide you a lifetime of support.


Guardian Homes

We are looking for guardian homes in 2023. These homes are for future momma dogs in our program.  I will be holding a female back from Quinn’s litter Fall 2022 and Addie’s Litter 2023. Feel free to inquire for more information or read about the program under Adoption Info. Please note you need to live less than 30-45 miles from Queen Creek.



Please contact me or complete an application if you’re interested in any of the upcoming litters

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