About Us

“My goal in life is to become as wonderful as my dog thinks I am.” author unknown

My name is Cheryl and

I LOVE DOGS (someone said if you make it all CAPS, it’s like yelling). After having a boxer-mix and our black lab, we learned that hair showed up everywhere. Slowly we began migrating the non-shedding dogs back into the home. I knew that my next dog was going to be a labradoodle.

One day I ran into a lady in a pet warehouse and she had a happy black puppy. I asked her if this was a Labradoodle and she said yes, an Australian Labradoodle. I told her that this was going to be my next dog and she reiterated, “make sure it’s an Australian Labradoodle”. I asked what did that mean? She said, “look it up”.  And so the research began and I’m so glad I did. I researched all the breeders in the country and spoke to several…some who were very transparent and some not as much. I learned so much in a few short weeks and knew all about this Australian Labradoodle. I knew the breeder I was going to have as my mentor, and who would provide me with my first two beautiful babies (Thank you Michelle Walker-Thomas from Waltzing Matilda’s Labradoodles). My decision of starting this business was reaffirmed when I was blessed with the opportunity to witness a litter of puppies being born (Thank you, Todd and Susan from Tails of the West).  It was the most amazing experience. I  learned so much about this amazing breed that I decided to begin this journey of breeding and sharing the joy!

Once we knew we were going to be a breeder, my husband and I moved to a nice size property in Queen Creek, Arizona, a suburb of Southeast Phoenix. My mom lives in a casita adjoined to our house and gives our 6 dogs all the spoiling a Nana can give. I was so surprised when she said, “I never realized how fulfilled and how much love I have for these dogs.  They just fill my heart”. I have felt this way about dogs my entire life and was a bit sad to know she had not experienced this until now.  Our dogs, currently are 5 Labradoodles, and 1 little white dog named Cami that is often referred to as “possum”.  I receive so much love and we have such a fun and playful environment. We are not a Kennel and our dogs are not caged. They live in and around us, sleep in our beds, and are nearby wherever we happen to be.  We do crate them when we leave the house . Other than that, they have a warm home and big back yard that they love to run about.


Meet the first of our non-shedding.  They love our Labradoodles as much as we do.