Guardian Home Information

It is my process to trust that others will love my dogs as much as I do. I have learned this by seeing the love with other Labradoodle owners. Thank you for this.

Guardian Home Information

What’s a Guardian Home? A guardian home is where one of our puppies is held back from a litter for breeding purposes. This puppy will live with a loving family as their own pet. Technically, this puppy, if female, is owned by Pawsome Labradoodles for the first 5-6 years of life, where she is bred once a year for up to 4 litters. After the allotted time, PAL will pay for sterilization and transfer the ownership to the family for the dog to remain as their family pet.  Guardian homes need to be in the East Valley and need to be within 30 miles from Queen Creek, AZ.

Being a Guardian for a Girl or a Boy dog…

Female breeding dogs will be breeding from around the age of 2 and up to 6 years of age with their last litter in their 5th year.  They will be bred once a year, unless a litter is 1-2 puppies then a breeding on the following cycle may occur.  Whether the female is being bred, it is imperative that the guardian  communicates the start of each cycle so we know when to expect the next cycle.  A heat cycle will last between 14 and 28 (21 is average) days.  If it is the cycle the female is set to be bred, Day 1 of her cycle is a very important date to start measuring dates and times for tests and breeding times.  The Guardian is required to notify breeder of Day 1 of cycle.  After starting a cycle, the breeder will need to take female to vet on Day 5-7 for testing and every couple of days to establish ideal times for mating.  Somewhere around days 9-14, the Guardian dog will need to stay with breeder to rendezvous with our male dog.   Once she has been bred, she will remain with her Guardian family until one week before her due date. At that time, the Guardian dog will come back to stay with us until she has her puppies, and will be returned once her pups are fully weaned 7-8 weeks later. Guardians are welcomed to visit us often while their girl is staying with us.

The Male Guardian dog is ideally located within 20 minutes or less.  This allows us to contact the guardian whenever we need to get the male for a receptive female.  When a female is at their peak in cycle, days 9-14, to receive a male, the Guardian male will either come stay a couple of days with us or, if close by, be dropped off for an evening and then again the following day(s).    Guardian males participate longer in the breeding program than females; up to their 8th year.  The Male Guardian goes through the same health tests as the female, prior to 1 year of age.  He can begin his stud career as early as a year.  He will have a health test prior to any breeding with a female as a standard practice and will need to be available for those appointment.

Please note that all tests and vet appointments that are related to breeding are covered by the breeder.


Below is the breakdown of who’s responsible for what:

Pawsome Labradoodles will:

  • Select the pick of the litter based on conformation.

  • Pay for All required Health Tests: Health Panel for Labradoodles, DNA, Hips, Elbows, Eyes, and possibly more.

  • Take guardian dog to specialty vet for health exams related to healthy breeding dogs.

  • Pay Vet costs related to reproduction and testing.

  • Whelp Puppies and keep dog til puppies are weaned…up to 8 weeks

  • When available (no new litters)… Provides a place for dog when Guardians go out of town or on vacation. 

Guardian Homeowners will:

  • Provide a loving and attentive home.

  • Provide a minimum of basic profession puppy training.

  • Provide basic Vet care provide for a pet puppy, including required vaccinations.

  • Provide Health Insurance*

  • Be responsible for professional grooming every 6-8 weeks.

  • Feed the puppy/dog a high-end dog food approved by the breeder while the dog is breeding.

  • It’s important the dog is comfortable and familiar with the environment she will be having her puppies.

  • Bring the puppy to breeder’s home often for the first year.

Guardian Home Application